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It consists of an oblong Lothar-Meyer air-bath about 60 cms.
(241115.) long and 15 cms. ( 6 ins.) wide. It is heated on each side
by a series of small gas jets made by perforating an iron pipe
which runs below the air-bath. The hot air passes up the
space between the outside metal casing and an inner rectangular
metal box, and then clown and into the interior of the air-bath
through a number of round holes at the bottom of a central

v   !

<--------------60 cm.------------->

FIG. 79.

rectangular chamber, and finally escapes through a series of
holes in top of the outer cover. The air-bath is perforated.
at both ends so as to admit a piece of wi'de glass tubing. This
tubing (1*52 cms. diam.) is of such a length that it projects
about 23 cms. at one end and 5-6 cms. at the other, the latter
being bent and connected to a receiver. The shorter end is
attached by a cork to a small distilling flask through which, a.
current of dry hydrogen is passed from a Kipp by a delivery
tube, which reaches to the bottom of the flask.